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Apr 16,  · BUT that does not mean refining by throwing every indicator you can imagine at it - the beauty of this system is the simplicity. It is more refining through observation we're looking for. Charts We only need two indicators 1. Abonacci indicator 2. Murrey Math (MM) indicator Nothing else is needed. Really. No REALLY.

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Jan 02,  · Pure & simple Abonacci system Trading Systems. Hi, excuse my English. I think I have found the answer to the baseline. Only one programmer needs to change the attached program. Mar 25,  · Page 6- Pure & simple Abonacci system Trading Systems. leads | Trading Systems | replies TheSpoof replied 7 hr ago {quote} This is the point of stops. Obviously trading during news releases can help avoid most of the errant spikes, but sometimes these things pop up out of seemingly nowhere.