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Pay zero commission for all BDT remittances to Bangladesh. Best Exchange Rate Guaranteed Aussie Forex provides the best exchange rate for all your money transfer and currency exchange needs. Remittances We are a licensed remittance company offering services to individuals as well as businesses who need a safe, reliable and fast money transfer facility. Transfers to most countries take business days. Forex has been at the forefront of Money Remittance since the early 's.

Aussie Forex & Finance is established with the aim of becoming an efficient financial service provider with a commitment to offer financial expertise to our clients The Company is a leading online money transfer company based in Australia. Sending money with Aussie Forex is safe and fast.

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Aussie Forex Transfer Operator Information Money remitted by customers to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, New Zealand, Fiji, the Middle East and other parts of the world can be instantly cashed anywhere. Get the latest forex exchange rates for over sixty countries. Send money worldwide. International money transfers to and from Australia Whether you need to transfer money to, or send money from, Australia, we offer competitive exchange rates, low transfer fees and personal service with every international money transfer.