Best live trading room on the net?

Sykes is the same deal and at times feel like i'm being used in their pump scheme. I've tried it and after several months i am still a member, it was pretty much a game changing decision for me and it has helped me a lot. What they would do is they share tips, charts, pictures and as he says it is going really well. What's the best way to learn about Forex Trading? So I decided noo to renew my subscription there.

Jan 24,  · Do you want a real trading room with real results. Checkout the following as they are wildly different and more fluid than Pristine. Incestors Live Trading Room SMB Sang Lucci These are the only Real Trades. Verified!! Pristine is in the business for 16+ years and yet to put together a complete course. They want $$$ for everything.

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On top of that, we have very clear rules that have been set out that governs our live forex trading room. Among the rules are that no one should discuss any idea that has not been pre-approved by The Commander — this is absolutely essential as we do not want random people strolling in and spamming the room with their strategies. Whilst we agree that there may be profitable strategies out there, it has to pass our vigorous testing requirements held by The Commander who does all the due diligence is ensuring the strategy is profitable before letting other members use it.

There is one big problem that these live forex trading rooms encounter that we do not at The Forex Army. A lot of these trading rooms are just inviting people from all over the world to come and share their ideas — but you know what they say: It is almost everyone is speaking in their own language. You end up with a live trading room with a hundred and one different ideas from people who do not know how to trade. Here at The Forex Army, we have a very standardized and structured way to determine the quality of ideas.

We use a conviction grid to determine how good an idea is based on how many elements it fulfills. The more boxes are checked, the better the idea is. A problem with most of these live forex trading rooms is that anyone can submit an idea without worrying about the repercussions of whether that strategy is profitable or not. You can liken it to a mine field. However, instead of helping each other decide how to get to safety, all the traders are setting their own land mines for each other.

That is exactly how a team should not work together. Sadly, this is exactly what is happening in most live trading rooms. We encourage trading ideas to be submitted and even reward traders who submit profitable ideas.

Every trade is tracked from opening to closing and we encourage traders to monitor and make adjustments to their trades as the market progresses. Every time an idea is updated, it is automatically displayed in the live forex trading room so traders who are following it can take note of it.

We celebrate trades which have reached their profit target and analyze trades which have hit their stop loss. We work as a team and there is no shame in having losing trades — it is an opportunity to improve. There can be many reasons why people have trading rooms. Everything designed is to help you become a profitable trader.

The strict rules we have on strategies, the idea conviction grid, the tracking of ideas in real-time, the focus on good risk: So whilst we welcome everyone to join our live forex trading room, be reminded that this place is like the Command Centre of our army.

Conduct yourself with professionalism. Every word you speak is listened to so pick your words well. Respect is of paramount important and we do not tolerate rudeness. We use a conferencing software that works on computer but also on mobiles phones, tablets so you can take us with you wherever you go and have data or WiFi access. Our live trading rooms are led by Simon Jousef himself which is a certified trader CMT and has an extensive experience in trading the various markets.

Simon has been teaching trading for many years using a proprietary methodology that is suited to smaller accounts and beginner traders. Now this is not all Because our members are spread across the world there is always somebody in there so you can bounce your trading idea and see what other traders are thinking about it. At TTI we encourage our trader talk to each-other we are fully transparent unlike some online trading rooms that do not allow interaction between the members.

We have developed into a tight community of friendly traders that span the globe, a truly global trading room. This allows for a relaxed environment where you can learn at the pace that is most comfortable for you and get to take advantage of any improvement in service that we may bring in the future.

We realize that not everybody is built for trading that's why we offer plenty of ways for you to try for free our services before you commit.

We strongly recommend you join the Free Trials that we offer to the global trading room the US morning session and see Simon trade live like he's been doing it for over a decade. There is no risk whatsoever and you can ask any questions you may have. US morning session of live trading with Simon, Jay and Eugen. This session starts before US open and its about 3 to 5 hrs long depending on the type of market activity we have that day.

Here Simon is focused on finding and entering trades in the various instruments we trade. Depending on one's account and appetite for risk our members can take the same trade using futures, CFDs, ETFs or options.

Some of the trades are quick scalps for ticks while other are swing trades that may target more substantial gains hundreds of ticks. Some of the swing trades are kept overnight or even for days or weeks more so on the option trades. This is a truly global trading room because we usually have traders from all over the world trading the US morning session.

US afternoon session its scheduled after lunch in Eastern Time zone and lasts hrs - is mostly focused on teaching and mentoring our member.

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Gain access to a trading veteran who has specialized in Spot Forex trading since and experience in trading various other markets since Mentoring Program We . 99% of traders fail. Meanwhile, we're in the top 1%. Learn from the best inside our Live Forex Trading Room. Live Streams, Forex Signals, . The best live forex trading room around Many live forex trading rooms these days are too cluttered with unnecessary information. They cause more detriment to a trader instead of helping a trader be more profitable.