What is NSE and BSE ? How it Works?

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NSE operates on the 'National Exchange for Automated Trading' (NEAT) system, a fully automated screen based trading system, which adopts the principle of an order driven market. NSE consciously opted in favour of an order driven system as opposed to a quote driven system.

Trading Mechanism

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Want an incredible afternoon in New York City? Click to see inside. Learn More at spyscape. Firstly, you need to Open Demat and Trading Account: In this we see if the employments are on leave the work of the particular company will effect. If government makes such policy that is beneficial to any company the share prices of that company will effected. So i think that the stock market works with governments policies and the environment of any company.

The price of the any shares depends upon the number of the buy order and sells orders on that exchange. SGX Nifty works on the Asian market positions. Of the Asian Market are working positively then our BSE and NSE will open in Green There is lots of factor which play important role to get up and down the prices of the shares of the companies First thing is the profit. The shares of the company will get up if that company is making profit from their business.

The market always looks the profit of the company. Second is the growth of business. So if there is growth in the business then there is more profit for that company. Like consumption stocks, pharma stocks etc. The balances held in such an account can be fully repatriated. For related reading, see Re-evaluating Emerging Markets. The government of India prescribes the FDI limit and different ceilings have been prescribed for different sectors.

Over a period of time, the government has been progressively increasing the ceilings. By default, the maximum limit for portfolio investment in a particular listed firm, is decided by the FDI limit prescribed for the sector to which the firm belongs. However, there are two additional restrictions on portfolio investment. However, the same can be raised up to the sector cap, with the approval of the company's boards and shareholders.

Regulations also impose limits for investment in equity-based derivatives trading on stock exchanges. For current restrictions and investment ceilings go to https: Foreign entities and individuals can gain exposure to Indian stocks through institutional investors. Many India-focused mutual funds are becoming popular among retail investors. Investments could also be made through some of the offshore instruments, like participatory notes PNs and depositary receipts , such as American depositary receipts ADRs , global depositary receipts GDRs , and exchange traded funds ETFs and exchange-traded notes ETNs.

To learn about these investments, see 20 Investments You Should Know. As per Indian regulations, participatory notes representing underlying Indian stocks can be issued offshore by FIIs, only to regulated entities. However, even small investors can invest in American depositary receipts representing the underlying stocks of some of the well-known Indian firms, listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

ADRs are denominated in dollars and subject to the regulations of the U. Likewise, global depositary receipts are listed on European stock exchanges. India ETFs mostly make investments in indexes made up of Indian stocks.

The Bottom Line Emerging markets like India, are fast becoming engines for future growth. Maybe it's the right time for outside investors to seriously think about joining the India bandwagon. Trading Mechanism Trading at both the exchanges takes place through an open electronic limit order book , in which order matching is done by the trading computer.

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The Futures and Options Trading System provides a fully automated trading environment for screen-based, floor-less trading on a nationwide basis and an online monitoring and surveillance mechanism. The system supports an order driven market and provides complete transparency of trading operations. Trading can be done through brokers who are registered under SEBI rules and through online trading system provided by brokers. Trading time for Indian stock exchanges: Both exchanges (NSE and BSE) having same opening and closing time, i.e. open on AM and closed PM, Indian Standard Time (+ hours GMT), All the trading activities. Learn more about the functions of BSE and NSE in share trading. As per my knowledge BSE and NSE are two stock exchange which are popular in India. We buy and sell the stock of different companies registered under BSE and NSE.