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In addition, the financial markets are subject to speculation. The Kurtosis is a market sentiment indicator. You can do it all just using two copies of indicators on the same chart. These models rely on the assumption that asset price fluctuations are the result of a well-behaved random or stochastic process. Get the same benefits by staying connected with other traders in our Free Customer Chat Room, open daily. A planned approach to investment, therefore, cannot be successful. Nicolas 1 week ago.

The Kurtosis is a market sentiment indicator. Acting like an oscillator, it reflects the trend of the price. The Kurtosis is constructed from three different parts. The Kurtosis, the .

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The FSST is constructed from five different parts. The Kurtosis K portion of this calculation is Momentum 3 -Momentum 3 [1].

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Kurtosis Forex Technical Analysis and Kurtosis Forex Trading Signals This indicator is used to help determine the sentiment of the Forex market. It is calculated in 3 parts. Trading signals are generated, when the Kurtosis indicator crosses its zero line. A signal to buy is generated, when the indicator crosses above the zero line. A signal to sell is generated, when the indicator crosses below the zero line. The Kurtosis(K) portion of this calculation is mo(3)-ref(mo(3),-1). Which is today's Kurtosis - yesterday's Kurtosis. The Fast Kurtosis(FK) is mov(K,66,E) mov(mo(3)-ref(mo(3),-1,66,E). Which is the Kurtosis smoothed with a 66 period exponential moving average. The Fast/Slow Kurtosis(FSK) is the complete formula mov(mov(mo(3)-ref(mo(3),-1),66,E),3,S).