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Each intermediate cycle could last as little as two weeks or as long as six to eight weeks. Not to be reproduced without permission. Electronic market making efficient and robusts operations. Either way, they contain price movement. Average directional index A.

3 Market Picture: e-Option Trading per Geographic Zone In North America and Europe, the overall level of e-trading in FX options is around 20%. It is estimated to be close to 5% in Asia Source: Federal Reserve Bank of NY, B.I.S, E.C.B, Japan Securities Dealers Association.

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Trends in e-fx Options Market August Lars Hakanson Stephane Malrait Table of Contents e-options Market Picture The e-trading Ratio vs. Voice The e-trading Ratio vs. Voice per Geographical Zone e-options. fx e-trading trends in J.P. Morgan conducted an online FX E-Trading survey to provide you with a snapshot of upcoming trends. Nearly institutional FX traders participated in November Trends in the market are one of the best ways to identify trades. I start out by showing you how to find the peaks and valleys or the highs and lows in any market.