Destiny Player Trading System Still on Bungie's Radar

Allow shared clan marketplaces, essentially ESO. Players of all platforms are welcome here, bullying is not. Or people spend a shed tonne of real cash, or they have stupid systems in place where you can only trade with your clan, or your squad from the last activity, or the last 30 mins or other boring ways around it. Well we're now at lvl 24 her and 25 me and we've noticed some serious inconsistencies when it comes to random drops of the rarer read legendary loot. You decide that you'd like to trade another weapon or buy it outright, using the in-game economy.

will Bungie implement a trading system into the game | Destiny Wiki will Bungie implement a trading system into the game. to have something to do with the items you get that aren't for your class. However, if that's fixed (random loot), then there will really be no need for trading.

"There's downsides to it and there's upsides."

They trademarked a name for a trading 'company'. I forget what the name is. If will not ruin the game, it may grow it. In most MMos, you have the farmers, and the people who buy some of the stuff they just can't get it. In your example, you could list your item, and then see if someone is selling what you want.

This will not break the game as many think because user data is not stored locally, it is stored on the server. This is not to say there is not an exploit to dupe items, but this is done with most if not all MMOs, so it is conquered technology. The biggest issue is what 'currency' would you use?

Glimmer has limited value. Merits have a stupid small cap. I think it could work so long as you can only trade items of equal value. And that doesn't include strange coins for exotics or even exotic shards for exotics.

You can only do exotic-exotic, legendary-legendary etc. Doing it that way I think it would work. You'd still need to put time into the game to get good quality items, and realistically you'd only trade exotics if you had spares. It would massively help with the frustration of getting your third or fourth vex, only needing one exotic, while others still don't have it after numerous raid clears. Just to be clear - NO, destiny doesn't currently have trading.

It'd be nice for Bungie to add it though. The most similar game in terms of mechanics will probably be war frame, and it has trading. I hope they dont allow trading from p2p because where would all the joy be if someone gave you a weapon instead of you doing all the work and grinding like hell I have been playing since the game came out on ps4 and only got my first gally on crota maybe 2 weeks before poe and it felt soo amazing.

It felt even so much better when i got my hawkmoon a week ago. Play to win baby! Yes read the ign interview "bungie will release a p2p trading economy ad soon as we are able to enable it" it's in place they are patching it so it doesn't literally break the game and to everyone getting all salty about it calm the hell down.

They assigned the taken Kong trade Mark to a company I forgot the name of I believer this will not ruin the grinding factor because you would have to pay glimmer and exotic shards if you were to buy an exotic from somebody. And it makes sense they are adding legendary makes so you can save them up to buy a legendary from your friend.

Just a thought but I think it's accurate enough. Hopfully if there is trading it will be something similar to borderlands. Simple and easy to use. Maybe also add a party chat option within the trading so the players could better communicate. Trading would be awesome, It would mean that If you got a type of weapon that doesn't fit your particular play style you could trade that weapon with another player who actually wants to use it and in exchange that player could reward you with a weapon that you actually want.

I also think that a sub-economy formed by the players would be cool and really build a stronger community similar to the rocket league trading, minus the micro-transactions of cause. Imagine grinding all weekend and at the end of it you get rewarded with a weapon type which you don't even enjoy using, however by implementing a trading system it would mean that no matter what you get after grinding you are always rewarded, because no matter what weapon you collect you can use it to trade for a proffered weapon or perhaps strange coins or another currency.

Maybe if trading had rules like if I wanted to trade a exotic with someone and they would have to trade something of equal worth and NOT be able to trade quest items like weapons, armor, and class specific gear ect ect. I think trading if allowed , should have some rules similar to what "Triple M" mentioned.

I can see trading being a welcome part of the game, because it would allow players to help other players out a litte, if they had excess armor, weapons, and artifacts on hand.

If there were certain perimiters set around this, and maybe even a certain level cap, than I think it could work Unless destiny got a real player economy going, trading would be a mess.

For us casuals who have those things called "jobs" and "family" In fact, I'd say it's needed for us. But majority is kids that are these doughy things that hide from sunlight. It could be done if done right imo. You should only be able to trade similar items. On top of that, if there's a specific player currency to use, you might not always have enough to just buy something on a whim.

You'll be playing and earning it, and that still takes more time. People aren't going to be getting every weapon and combination they want in a week, or something silly like that.

I'll just create 2 accounts and trade with each other. It doesn't eliminate anything. If gives people opportunity for uneven trades and even trading for real money too. Keep the game the way it is. If people want to play stupid games like that, then they win stupid prizes. The division has a good trade system. You an only trade the items earned in the event raid, strike, pvp with those who did the mission with you. This might even open game chat up some since you could ask the randos if they got a specific piece of gear.

I see a lot of people saying no to this idea because people would get gear too fast but couldn't a lot of the guns just be bind on pickup instead of boe? Like Raid guns for example and exotics. Then you could still trade purples with decent rolls but also still have to work for the best guns in the game. I'm not saying the idea is perfect but I do think it has merit especially when it comes to cosmetics and I'm surprised so many people would just immediately dismiss it. Its upsetting people immediately downvote, this change i feel would be well received by so many people, but is being governed by a vocal group that don't agree, we need as many opinions as possible so please share this if you can.

I don't like the idea of trading. Ok its frustrating when the RNG gods are not blessing you. However in D1 the grind for loot is what kept me going, plying activities like the Raids, Trials and IB, doing specific strikes. I reckon Id of played a quarter the amount I did if I could just buy everything. Maybe even less because I wouldn't care about collecting things. I like having super rare things in games, gives you a carrot on the stick to chase. Trading economies are usually stacked in favour of the luckier people at the start of games and never really recover.

Or people spend a shed tonne of real cash, or they have stupid systems in place where you can only trade with your clan, or your squad from the last activity, or the last 30 mins or other boring ways around it. Just leave it out. But if its an optional system why not? If you would rather stick to your own achievements like in D1 then sure, however there are some people that would atleast like the choice.

Why do you want trading? I don't want it because if thats available then guess what id do, same as every1 else. And the better drops will still be independant of those experiences you hold dear. Exotics and other exclusive gear earned from activities we dont even know of. I never had any issues with completing content, but even with the addition of Guided Games i still do not expect everyone will complete those hard activities, why not reward those who continuosly repeat endgame activities and get items they have no use for, and allow casuals who save up lots of glimmer from hard work grinding activities they can complete to buy these items.

Thats up to him, not 1 raid is difficult, provided people are willing to actually learn how to do the mechanics and learn from their own mistakes The game needs to focus more on the hardcore players. These are the players that kept the game alive.

Not the casuals who play through content and drop it, then maybe pick it back up again. Im not a fan of trading because it promotes casuals. Why would people play through the raid multiple times, when they can play through it once or twice then just buy all their stuff?

Far less people would be running them, far less people to help sherpa others. Trading would only be a negative to the community as a whole.

No offense, but trading would cause more problems than they could solve. It took them forever just to find an easier solution to balance things. They tried the 'gunsmith roll perks' thing, and that didn't turn out the way they wanted it to. Adding new mechanics to a game creates side effects, and there are a lot of factors to consider. It would honestly just be easier for them to avoid something like that, and put all of that time and effort on something else entirely.

I think there is a way to do this right and you have some good ideas. I'm not sure I want to touch trading with silver at all though. I've always thought it would be a good idea to allow fairly open, unrestricted trades in terms of content though I like your idea of capping the level to that of the other player's weapon slot , but not availability. What I mean is trading only within the confines of a specific activity or activity's reward screen and only allowing loot from that activity to be traded.

I feel like this would be a fairly simple way to lessen the hardships some face at the hands of RNG, while not letting things get out of hand. I'm not sure I want the social spaces to become trading hubs. But this would pretty much put and end to those times where you ran a raid 20 times and were still missing those god damned boots, and every time you run it, you watch at least 2 members of your fireteam get the boots.

That was one of the more frustrating aspects to end game D1 for me. Which would be difficult, because why would we even bother then since we could get all the actually trade able stuff ourselves? Another issue is people maxing their light in a short amount of time with little to no effort.

To combat this I guess they could put in a max light restriction for trading. Just my opinion though. There is the issue of real world money trading becoming an issue too, but that can be combated by my first point of only allowing non special items to be traded. No one will pay money for a vanguard vendor item available to everyone.

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im just have to say tehy should ad trading ive worked hard and exotice and other crap i mean i have atleast 3 every every raid weapon and exotic in the game and i. Sep 09,  · Will Bungie ever introduce a player trading system for items in Destiny? It's a question that Bungie is continually asked, including during yesterday's Ratings: K. During the latest Destiny livestream, Bungie once again addressed the topic of item trading, only this time they had a little more to say. Players hoping to get something in the form of an.