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Kyle - May 5, Could it have anything to do with backtest ranking? Thanks for the strategy. My strategy includes possibilities of repainting because of their very nature. In this post, we would understand Keltner band calculation steps and explore a trading system based on it. Hi, Try adding the following code to the top of afl if you wanna test with shares every time.

In Episode 4 of the Better System Trader podcast, Nick Radge discusses some trading ideas he’s used to create profitable mentions a Bollinger Band idea which is also published in his book Unholy Grails.. Nick says: the strategy that we did test and showed very promising results was an entry using a Bollinger band and an exit using the opposite Bollinger band.

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Mark - January 12, Dave McLachlan - January 25, It could be a number of things — not sure without seeing your code, but the most common one is setting position sizing. Kyle - May 5, Hi Dave, Great videos mate! I am having the same issues as Mark. In fact my results are significantly under for all of your tutorials. Any other setting or filter glitches we should watch out for? I am currently only running the free trial for both AmiBroker and premium data. Would this be an issue?

Could it have anything to do with backtest ranking? All my purchases and sales start with A … Seems to be in alphabetical order. Dave McLachlan - May 16, The A is standard — that is all good. Unless an update of Amibroker has changed the meaning of the code… but I feel that is unlikely. This emulates a real world situation of scanning EOD data after market hours and placing a trade for the next day. Yadi - August 16, I wrote the same language into the trial version of Amibroker 6.

Between and , I get only 3. Dave McLachlan - August 20, Hey Yadi, A few things I can think of: Did you include position sizing code? You might only be taking one trade at a time.

The Stock universe also makes a difference: Hope this helps, Dave. Steve - June 2, David McLachlan - June 7, Youness - September 15, Thank you for the great videos. Volume has been greater than MA V,60 at least one day in past three days 3.

RSI is less than or equal to 40 at least one day in past three days 4. Price is lower than BBandBot C,50,1. I have created the below code but it is not really working. The blinking signals usually occur for repainting strategies or the ones which look into future.

Thanks for the answer! My strategy includes possibilities of repainting because of their very nature. Nice to know, Admin! I meant automated trading. So I now assume that data will be found free from your utility programs and the trades can run automated.

A few more questions: Can I switch to say a 1 day tf from a 5 mins tf and continue to get data stream undisturbed? Is there a library somewhere? Everything you mentioned is possible to do in a Excel sheet. Right now, we do not cater to individual projects. Please send us a note on your idea and we would try to create an Excel sheet for it and post it in the website. Time frame 1 day. All Nifty 50 stocks on list.

List to be scanned and stocks that match criteria to be traded automatically as per following strategy. I prefer a formula but if we start I will try to make an XL sheet for you.

When we write the indicator formulas it will be easy for XL experts. It will be great if we can add back and forward testing later. Eager for your response! Sir, when i backtest it is coming with some different results with the 5min TF, what could be the reason?

All trades 90 Consecutive 8 6 10 Largest win Consecutive 12 8 7 Largest loss What is the significance of Parameter value 20 in Bollinger Band? Can we synchronise Bollinger band with changing its parameter to 12 instead of 20? Not Sure what i am doing wrong, But i am not getting the same back testing results as above. I have added commission. I have taken the 1 minute data from your website itself. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to Trading Tuitions. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Similar to Donchian Band, Keltner Band is another promising indicator to determine trend breakouts accurately. And experienced traders might very well know that catching accurate trend breakouts is as good a finding a fortune. Keltner band calculates the price range based on ATR (average true range), which is different from standard deviation calculation that Bollinger band . BBand TSL or or Bollinger Band based Trailing stop loss trading is once again a mechnaical trend trading system for lower timeframes inspired from mql4 (metatrader). The trailing stoploss method is completly built using bollinger bands and completely fits for stop and reverse strategy. Bollinger Bands afl makes you trading smoothly. This afl used by every trader and set amibroker afl in every platform. Bollinger Bands Developed by John Bollinger, Bollinger Bands allows users to compare volatility and relative price levels over a .