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Reference data workflows, FAS for Hedge effectiveness testing, securitization and structured products and Derivatives Solution. Automate from front to back office with straight-through processing. According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB and statement , the following attributes, inherent in the Aramaco transaction, may qualify as an embedded derivative to be separated from the host contract and or meet the definition of a derivative: Connecting buyers and sellers of financial technology globally. This removes errors that arise in transferring data between systems and ensures that traders and risk managers can see correct up-to-date positions at all times.

Simplify and streamline your business with Openlink Endur, our award-winning energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution. Voted best overall ETRM platform in the industry by the Energy Risk Software Rankings, this front- to back-office solution covers the full range of commodities and derivatives across your business.

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Endur - for energy/commodities markets OpenLink’s trading, risk management, and operations processing system allows users to see more, do more, and make more. Endur links front, middle, and back offices with functionality that was designed to cover the entire energy transaction life cycle. Endur - for energy/commodities markets Company: Openlink OpenLink’s trading, risk management, and operations processing system allows users . Energy Openlink’s energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software provides complete energy trading solutions for planning, procuring, processing, managing, moving and trading energy – from trade capture to accounting, risk, reporting and compliance.