Forex Brokers with Zero Spreads

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Low Spreads, No Commission, Minimum Fees. As seen on: Bloomberg. CNBC. MarketWatch. Yahoo. In ranking these top low cost forex brokers, we’ve select brokers based on their spreads, commissions, withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, other miscellaneous fees. Top Inexpensive Forex Brokers.

A Comparison of ThinkMarkets vs. vs.

Refrain from discussing crypto. Also, any conspiracy thought about crypto replacing Forex is considered a troll post and will see that poster escorted out. Not sure on your knowledge of ECN but it's essentially DMA, ie no manipulation from a dealing desk, your counterparty on trades is another trader bidding or offering at the same price you are. Even if I looked the right definitions dealing desk, non dealing desk, ecn, etc. What do you use? What is generally considered as the best? I wouldn't worry hugely about ECN as a newbie.

I'd look for a good broker that is NDD your orders are passed through to an LP essentially and one that is reputable. I'm really only familiar with higher spreads and no commissions -- I'd rather not have the dealing desk manipulation Of course not, for 0,1 lot it would be 0.

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Your intended broker must be able to provide fast price feeds so you are sure you are getting prices which are up to date. Speed matters and delayed price feeds are detrimental for scalpers.

Where you have doubts as to what the terms and conditions of your broker say about scalping, you can settle these doubts by contacting the broker directly via email or live chat.

A reputable broker should be able to provide a definitive statement on whether you are allowed to scalp or not. Typically, terms and conditions contain some details in fine print which can easily be missed by anybody. This will help prevent problems down the road. Some main things you should look out for include:. If this is not allowed, it is a sign that scalping is not allowed as well.

So you need to look at the terms and conditions to see what the policy of your intended broker is when it comes to scalping. Where there are doubts, contacting the broker directly before opening an account would be advisable.

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Here are some areas where ThinkMarkets scored highly in: Allows hedging 2 languages. For more accurate pricing information, click on the names of the brokers at the top of the table to open their websites in a new tab. What are the Regulations Concerning Scalping? Where is your broker located?

ECN Scalping Broker As stated earlier in this article, scalping is usually acceptable on ECN accounts because a commission is charged for trade entries and exits in addition to spreads.

Does the broker have fast price feeds? What does your broker specifically say about scalping? What Scalpers Should Look Out For Typically, terms and conditions contain some details in fine print which can easily be missed by anybody. Some main things you should look out for include: This site uses cookies - here's our cookie policy.

Lower the cost of your trading with the HotForex ZERO Spread Account

Many times, forex brokers who offer fixed spreads apply trading restrictions around the time of news announcements – and this results in your insurance becoming worthless. XM imposes no restrictions on trading during news releases. Just in case you want to skip the rest of this post and sign up with a low spread no commission Forex broker, you can do so with either MyFXchoice or OctaFX brokers.. I feel that the two brokers are currently the best ‘tightest spread Forex brokers’ in the market since I have used MyFxchoice for 2 years and OctaFX for 3 years now. Mar 15,  · No Spread and Commission Only Forex Broker Broker Discussion Appreciate if anyone have any idea on forex broker with NO SPREAD and ONLY COMMISSION charged. Thanks. Regards, Michael Post # 2; Quote Spreads are just a fact of life in forex. You can get LOW spreads at reputable brokers, but zero spread or 1 pip fixed? No .