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What Brokers offer online FX option trading?

Its a known fact that bookies calculate the odds according to the horses of winning the race and while the outsider will sometimes prove them wrong, most of the time the favourite will win the race. You don't see many bookmakers go bust and the reason for this is simple — they know how to trade the odds.

The gambler loves betting on the outsider because if his horse comes in, he makes a killing but the problem is he doesn't win very often. More often than not, he losses his money. There are just two simple tips, you need to follow to make big gains in currency options and they are - to buy in or at the money options and give yourself plenty of time to expiry.

The further away the option strike price is the worse the odds of the price getting there are, that's why there cheaper to buy. This is the equivalent of an outside bet at the bookies and you should not be tempted to take outside bets. Always buy in or at the money options — sure the potential gain looks less and the option is more expensive but the odds of making money from it are far higher. The other key to buying options is that the closer to expiry the option gets, the greater effect time decay has on the option premium — at the end of the life of the option time decay accelerates dramatically.

The worst possible option to buy is one which is way out the money, with very little time to expiry. You need to get time on your side when buying options and this means, buying options with plenty of time to expiry. Look to buy options with at least a month or more to expiry. Never be tempted to buy ones which are under a week which are out of the money, there very cheap and you have little chance of making money with them.

There are many option strategies you can use — bull and bear spreads, butterfly's, straddles and more but my own view is to keep things nice and simple. Use puts and calls in or at the money options and get plenty of time on your side and you will have a simple currency trading option strategy which can make you some great ucrrency trading profits.

Regulators often focus more on simple warnings than actually educating customers on how to set up trades and manage the pitfalls of trading, analysts say. As a result, many traders enter the market, quickly lose their initial investment—and never trade again. Professionals call them the "one and dones. In general, experts recommend that small investors devote no more than a few percentage points of their overall portfolio to forex trading in order to limit any possible damage.

Among the risks that traders should be aware of before they make their first transaction: Overtrading often comes from a lack of a plan, Mr. Traders need to develop a strategy based on fundamental and technical analysis before initiating a trade. Novice traders often get caught up in quick price movements and the potential for huge gains. That can lead them to lose focus on their strategy and ultimately end up with big losses. Yet the allure and adrenaline of a high-risk environment draw some back repeatedly.

Others' lack of tolerance for steep losses means they lose their initial investment and never return. Timing—and luck—play a big role in many forex trades. One way to limit the damage is to set up a "stop-loss" order, which automatically exits a position when a certain price is hit, limiting losses.

A trader might determine that the euro is about to go up against the U. Traders also can use "take-profit" levels, or orders set up to automatically cash out at a preset profit, Mr. Take-profit levels keep traders from losing profits when currencies abruptly change direction, which often happens when economic reports or announcements are released.

Most small investors also should avoid automated-trading programs that promise huge returns in a short time period. These programs—also known as "expert advisers," or EAs—execute trades in milliseconds and may raise even greater risks for unsophisticated investors. Their prevalence has grown rapidly in the past few years, analysts say. The Bank for International Settlements cited the rise of automated-trading systems as one of the key drivers of the market's growth in recent years.

The systems, which are similar to the ones used by hedge funds, can automatically execute trades when specific parameters such as price levels are hit.

Those trades often occur at much faster speeds than a human could input and click through a trade online. That faster execution can enable better pricing and the ability to take advantage of smaller moves in markets.

But for all but the most experienced traders, the systems can have hidden dangers. As market dynamics change or news alters trends, the programs often "collapse at some point," says Walter Peters, an American living in Sydney. Peters started out as a retail trader and went on to develop his own automated programs, and now manages other people's forex accounts. The programs that advertise huge returns in short periods are likely to crash and burn the fastest, he says.

Computer programs that show smaller but steadier gains over long periods are the best bets. Retail brokerages often provide vast amounts of data and historical trading information that can help inform trades and be used to spot trends. Some platforms, like Forex. Nearly any major economic report or major news event can affect a currency, so news websites also can be tapped as resources for determining which way currencies might move.

There are other ways to minimize those potential losing periods that can frustrate and eventually drive retail customers away. Traders should diversify trading across multiple currencies or simultaneously use strategies that work in different market conditions, analysts say.

Winsor Hoang, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and sells access to his trading strategies, has three automated-trading systems running at all times.

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Currency options use the same parameters as equity options (call option, put option, strike price, expiration). The major difference is the underlying, which is . Currency Trading For Dummies, Getting Started Edition, strips away the mystique of the forex market for smart, intelligent which currency pairs are traded, what price quotes mean, how profit and loss is calculated, and how the global trading day flows, just to name a few. one currency is always rising or falling versus another, there is always a bull can make money “trading against” their customers. FXdealersdon’tcharge option trading as an adjunct to cash FX. FX futures traders can use matched op - tions to protect positions.