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This business is for those people, who want to invest and earn. You will have world class investment strategies and theories for achieving your investment goals. Pip is a form of earning in Forex trading market. So this work is Legal for us according to Islamic point of view. Raheel Nawaz November 18, at The Forex Urdu course teaches facts.

Forex in Pakistan The SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) is the regulatory body in Pakistan located in Islamabad. The SECP allows authorized brokers to provide a .

Understanding Currency Pairs:

Market is going up after placing my order, and this is the part of this business. Now you see here Time is also given here on which time I placed it including date Now take a look on price here, on which my trade has been placed, so at that time price was 1. In this one thing is very important, which is Swap. Swap is called interest in Forex term, so our account is swap free. As we learn our last video about, how to create an account.

So this work is Legal for us according to Islamic point of view. If you did not select your country Pakistan, or you want to do from any other country, you will send and email by requesting this that I want to create a swap free account and I also recommend you to create a swap free account, and Interest will not fixed on you.

If your account is not a swap free account, you have to pay the interest. If your trade is going in profit, the company will pay you interest, and if your trade is going in Loss, the company will take interest from you. So this is our swap free account.

In the last is Profit. So as you can see, my balance is moving as per pif are moving up and down…. Now, we will modify our order. As we did it , see above, there is another red line appears, which means, when the market will reach this point of loss, it will be closed here automatically.

So I am ordering here that, as trade must be close on these Profit and Loss points. And you will do it as per your balance, which you have to play the trade. So today you learnt about all points in New Order but here I want to tell you one important thing about type or you can say what is the aim of type? Suppose by any source you got an information about the market, that Maker will go up on any next day, so you can give a pending order here also.

One important thing which I want to tell you here that as your order touch the profit and you want to close it. This is all for today, and in our next video we will learn about Bid and Ask and many more. Tags Forex Trading Training. Raheel Bhai Account to bna lia hai lakin cash deposit krnay ki smjh nhi aa rhi. Raheel bhai mera account insta forex me hai or wo portal forum ka account hai. Mera account verify nhi ho rha wo ID card mang rhay hai English me translate ye English me kaha say translate ho ga or kasy ho ga?

Dear Rizu you need to add me on skype or facebook for more info and you also call me any time at my number for exchange you dollar.. Raheel bhai app ye batain k forex per kitna time dena hota hai ya jub marzi daily kisi b time work kar sakte hain?

Your email address will not be published. Previous Forex Trading Training in urdu Part 2. Next How to make a logo with in 1 mint. Tamour August 5, at 8: It is biggest market in the world. This work hast started in The daily business in this markeet is aproxmatily 5. This markeet has been worked 24 Hours throughout the world and this markeet remain open monday to friday forex has four big markeets in the world.

Posted by jugno at 4: Forex Trading Urdu Here i will Guide you Order types we have two types of orders first is instant order and 2nd is pending orders. If you analysis the market and you think that the market up and down pips. Now you have two types orders one is buy and 2nd is sell order if market is going up then you will set order of buy if market is going down then you will give the order of sell. If you have instant order or pending order in this time you must have to use take profit and stop loss of in your orders.

Volume size , order size, and lot size have same meaning that which trade order you are going to set. Course out line is Below you can download here. Basic forex in urdu , Forex Guide in Urdu. Forex Trading In Urdu: There are two method of trade in Forex trading market. For manual trading you have to research at daily basis. If you want to do work with us in auto trading then account is yours and robot will be ours.

Remember this i am not Responsible if your account goes to loss. For Further information Contact me.

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How To Start Forex Trading In Pakistan In Urdu. Following are all the details that you need to open an account with Forex and start business. This is the place where you can find how to create a Forex account with a currency broker and start earning money form that account. Forex Currency Trading and Stock Market Trading: Forex Urdu Education From Our Forex Pakistan Experts. There is growing interest in the profitable venture of trading currency. For the last decade every Pakistan citizen who wants to learn Forex Education and stock exchange trading feels in need of a comprehensive “Urdu Financial market course”. Forex Trading In Urdu – Forex Tutorial In Urdu – Learn Forex In Urdu May 19, By The Shahzad 10 Comments. Advertisements. What is Forex Currency Trading? Currency trading / Forex trading is a market in which investor buy or sell some specific currency pair. The commonly traded currency pairs are Forex Trading In Pakistan – Learn.