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Dari sanalah Jim Rogers kemudian bertemu dengan sosok trader legendaris, George Soros. That's what I say. Many of those countries with policy rates still high enough to make it worth cutting have done so. Yeah, I agree that lots of geopolitical events are pointing to a move away from the USD. Today we see that Gold has set a new all time high when prices in Euros.

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2. The Market Is Always Neutral

As long as the economic, it is a viable source of energy. You will see people using methane. You see people with many viable alternatives such as the price of energy continues and goes higher and higher. Speaking of cleaner burning fuels, how do you feel about uranium and nuclear energy?

Both uranium and nuclear energy seem to undergo a renaissance. Well, there's a nuclear revival. Nuclear power is cheaper than many other sources of energy, and so is having a comeback, if you will.

In many parts of the world, it never went away. The French never stopped using nuclear power. The Koreans never stopped using nuclear power. Other people come to nuclear energy. The Chinese are going to build at least the next fifteen years or so 25 nuclear power plants. Even in the U.

If well managed, then nuclear energy can be very attractive, both cost-wise and environment-wise. The huge stocks of uranium, which were used during the Cold War built up depleted. So, I see a great future for uranium and nuclear power plants. Spot uranium prices have risen steadily to nearly six years without a correction. How do you look for uranium as commodities trader? Well, when something goes straight up for six years, without a correction, one should be concerned.

Course corrections are normal in the financial markets. Whether there is a correction in the next year or two, I have no idea. More or less, it is after the oil, as you probably know. If and when oil has a major correction, I suspect uranium will. They do not necessarily go together, but to some extent they have and probably will.

Until someone brings a lot of new uranium in motion, however, the surprise will be how high the price of uranium stay, and how high it eventually goes. There are no major uranium mines be opened anywhere in the world.

Uranium is still cause for concern for some people, so I would suspect it will take over ten years to bring a new one. Huge uranium mine going, anywhere in the world StockInterview: It's been twenty years since a new uranium deposit was discovered. That's what I say. It takes a long time. He came on the podcast to talk about his 50 years of experience Andrew is the author of the amazing book After all the guests interviewed, I felt He came on the podcast Based in Victoria Australia , William came on the He came on the podcast to talk about As someone trading the markets for Adventures on the Road and in the Markets - Jim Rogers.

She previously appeared in This is a special edition of the Desire To Trade Podcast. I recorded with George a two-part This man is one of the smartest traders I've met. Gino has what I'd call a master drive to speed up his She is helping people grow their wealth by investing. Here it's not a matter of getting rich At the time of the interview, he has been trading for himself for over 6 years. Mike looks at the David has been developing a software that helps traders test Several months ago, I stopped using my favorite charting platform - Meta Trader 4 at the time - to do all my technical analysis on TradingView.

Mandi shared some really important insights on what she considers to be the Zaheer is of the opinion that traders can exponentially increase their trading returns by Siam has a very interesting Jarratt is based in the United Rob is a Forex trader who has been featured in That involves knowing how to best manage your time and implementing a few things to make sure you remain effective.

The Trading Year In Review It is very important for any trader to look back at the year that went by to evaluate I'm planning on bringing you the best trading-related podcast that gives results. Still, as part of the Holiday I selected guests that had made an impact on me throughout the I selected guests that have Those 5 keys to trading are summarized below.

What I find really interesting about In addition, I go through the 3 questions I ask myself weekly to The thing I find interesting about Anmol is the efforts he puts to trade those two This topic came up after I had He is the author of a very well written book on the topic We discussed very important topics that you can surely learn about.

Join the Facebook group I recorded a 3-part Guide To Forex Trading He has made a massive impact and Van Tharp, a very well-known leader of the trading industry. From the start, Dr Through Little Fish FX, he aspires Adam has learned to build He is the man behind the Sometimes, however, I like to expand my perspectives and bring I strongly recommend you check out his podcast.

She is the women behind Trading Elevated She is the very First, I no longer had to keep everything in my head as I used to do Some had a regular job or came straight out of school. But, how about an athlete who re-oriented The book contains interviews with traders After all, what do casinos do? Does that mean the As a matter of fact, news reports are released almost every..

Andrew Menaker Trading Psychology. Andrew Menaker is a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in psychology. He is, in my opinion, the leading authority when it comes to trading Michael has a very interesting Dave started trading in college Read the whole article as I share HIs story of how he became a profitable trader is very Casey usually starts his day around 6: Andrew Menaker, a highly knowledgeable and well-known psychologist in the trading world.

Since , Andrew has been The best thing about They share crucial elements to consider when one go about choosing a Forex trading broker They share crucial elements to consider when one go about choosing a Forex trading broker. Daniel has been in South Africa, involved in physical trading After his start as an investor in , Steve began trading his own account in After a career as a sport coach, he transitioned to coaching traders in Today, he works mostly with institutional players, allowing him to fully exploit his talent.

TV, his personal website where he hosts his own edutaining webshow. His mission is to Touch, Move and Inspire millions of entrepreneurs Worldwide to Alwin is a Forex trader based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His philosophy of trading is very similar to mine. This is an important point to make because Gary Dayton is a trading psychologist standing apart in the trading world. Based on intensive research, he help traders to reach peak performance in trading by getting in the right mental state.

He believes in the importance of mindfulness, Randy Tudor is a longtime Forex trader and stock market investor. He has made the study of financial and tax matters his life-long pursuit.

Before opening the doors to his first successful business in , he held various positions and roles with Kirk Du Plessis is the man and trader behind OptionAlpha. What is interesting about Kirk is his background. He worked as an investment banker in New York, a Brandon Clay is a marketing expert with a passion for trading. He started around and struggled to become a consistent trader. Today, his view of trading turns out to be much more serious and is working more consistently on becoming a successful Jason Graystone is a normal guy living in United Kingdom.

He became profitable in day trading on the foreign exchange market. How did he do it? That is exactly what Jason In Episode 15 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, Joshua shares the truth most people don't want to hear about mutual funds.

In his opinion, investors should not rely on mutual funds to generate a sufficient income to retire. Having been involved in He discovered real estate investing a few years ago and learned from a phenomenal mentor. Today, he still has projects of buying bigger buildings in order to generate In Episode 13 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, he shared very actionable tips you can apply straight away to see a difference in your overall health and trading performance.


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