Charles Cottle – Options Trading. The Hidden Reality Course

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Options Trading : The Hidden Reality

It indicates what adjustments can help to accomplish the quantity, and provides an realizing of hidden motivations by way of spending cash. It additionally offers an summary of the multitudes of investments on hand and offers conservative instructions that would help in making cash, retailer taxes, and sleep at night.

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Extra info for Options Trading: There are no calculations. It is right in front of us all the time. It is up to the trader to decide how the position is best viewed. By overlaying an imaginary trade Exhibit , in this case a 90 reversal, 10 times, that liquidates the stock and calls and initiates a shorting of 10 of the 90 puts, leaving 10 naked short puts. It is easier to deal with one simple synthetic contract than the actual spread.

Its price is absolute. Might be a good way to profit from a big move and IV should not crush. Well, that could have been a good trade on Qs, entered just before Bernanke. Especially now, with pennies, you get some really good fills on Qs. Will think about it next time. I have another comment, this time about your earnings plays.

You benefit also from a strong move but you also benefit from a drop in volatility. I was looking at NTRI: Buy Feb 40 calls, sell Mar 40 calls. I enjoy reading your blog. His mind is way ahead of mine, and his book is not very easy to digest. One concept that I have trouble with is about his Slingshot strategy. After you put on a credit call spread, and the stock has risen past the high strike call, how do you take profit on your position?

So, in theory, when stock is now about the higher call strike, the embedded Butterfly is worth very little, but the higher strike call now worth a lot. One can take profit by selling the higher strike call. But, what do you do with the Butterfly position left and you still want to hold on to the stock? Response to Tom Feb 14th, at 4: On a retracement the butterfly could come back to life but probably, the short call spread is at full value or has not much more to lose leave it alone and initiate the sale of a deferred month vertical and an initiation of a new put the original is worthless.

In effect, you want to roll the whole package forward to where there is a likelihood that the butterfly will maximize with the opportunity to be in for the ride in the event a protracted move ensues. First of all, it is very well organized and the cost of a custom site tells me you are serious about building an option community. Second, it is not filled with hype. There are many many snakeoil salesman in this space and I appreciate those who tell it like it is. I hope you will visit http: I look forward to commenting on your future posts.

Pete, thank you for your kind words. You are correct, my efforts are driven to build a community around options trading and develop a network with the like minded friends. I look for value and try bringing the best, as per my efforts, to my readers. I hope you will enjoy my blog and find something to share with your readers as well.

So why not sell the Slingshot the extra 25 call. That creates another butterfly and a new kicker at I am often asked, what do you do with the nearly worthless butterfly? You might also be interested in this hopefully there's no problem reposting these links from RiskDoctor: Thanks for the reply.

I actually bought his book 'options trading: I've also looked at the free downloads but am wondering if anyone has done the whole 'course' and their opinion in relation to it. Overall Charles' educational material is fantastic. His books are a must read for option traders in my opinion. He'll make you see your positions in a different light. I think most of what you can learn from him is in his book.


This book, titled “Options Trading: The Hidden Reality”, is written by Charles M Cottle, also known as Risk doctor and has been written from Market maker’s perspective. Charles was x-floor trader. a Free Options Trading Course – “You make money whether the market goes up,down or sideways”. Read or Download Options Trading: The Hidden Reality ("Options: Perception and Deception" & "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" revised & expanded, Printed in Color) PDF. Options Trading The Hidden Reality By Charles Cottle Pdf Forex En Israel Binary Options Chart Reading Ways To Exercise Stock Options .