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Buy low, sell high. The cost of rolling over a transaction is based on the interest rate differential between the two currencies in a transaction. Daily updated live currency exchange ratesin open market, inter bank, and International forex rates on Hamariweb. A greater number of marketplace participants providing pricing to the ECN broker leads to tighter spreads. Get ready to sit in the driver's seat, switch on your choice of strategies, and drive the Forex market with greater potential!

Dalga Ticaret Forex Strateji Return to the home page. forex ile para kazanmanın yöntemleri - ekşi sözlük. Uzman Danışmanlar Expert Advisor Metatrader platformunda yatırımcının işlemlerini belirli parametrelere göre otomatik olarak yapan yazılımlardır.


Social Metrics Get more Forex-markettrader. IP Whois Get more Forex-markettrader. Safety status of Forex-markettrader. Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe. Latest check 7 days ago. Worldwide Audience Compare it to It seems that traffic on this site is too low to be displayed, sorry. Traffic Analysis Compare it to SEO Stats Compare it to Domain Registration Data Compare it to Similar Domain Names 1. Social Engagement Compare it to There are some worthwhile concerns, certainly, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of forex brokers are very reliable and ethical.

Those that are not don't stay in business very long. This is a familiar thing for those used to trading futures. In fact, spot forex trading is essentially trading a 2-day forward futures contract. You do not take actual possession of any currency, but rather have a theoretical agreement to do so in the future. That puts you in a position of benefiting from prices changes.

For that your broker requires a deposit on your trades to provide surety against any losses you may incur. How much of a deposit can vary. That is fairly aggressive, though. Now, unlike the stock market, margin trading does not mean margin loans.

Your broker will not be lending you money to buy securities at least not the way a stock broker does. As such, there is no margin interest charged. In fact, since you are the one putting money on deposit with your broker, you may earn interest in your margin funds. When trading forex, one is essentially borrowing one currency, converting it in to another, and depositing it. This is all done on an overnight basis, so the trader is paying the overnight interest rate on the borrowed currency and at the same time earning the overnight rate on the currency being held.

This means the trader is either paying out or receiving interest on their position, depending on whether the interest rate differential is for or against them. This is commonly handled is what is referred to as a rollover. Spot forex trades are done on a trading day basis, and as such are technically closed out at the end of each day. If you are holding your position longer than that, your broker rolls you forward in to a new position for the next trading day.

This is generally done transparently, but it does mean that at the end of each day you will either pay or receive the interest differential on your position. The type of trader you are and the way your broker handles rollover will be the deciding factors in determining whether the interest rate differentials are an important concern for you. Some brokers will not apply the day's interest differential value on positions closed out during the trading day.

By that I mean if you were to enter a position at 10am and exit at 2pm, no interest would come in to play. If you were to open a position on Monday and close it on Tuesday, though, you would have the interest for Monday applied the full day regardless of when you entered the position , but nothing for Tuesday.

There is at least one broker who calculates interest on a continuous basis, so you will always make or pay the interest differential on all positions, no matter when you put them on or took them off. It should also be noted that although some folks will claim there is no rollover in forex futures, the interest rate spread is definitely factored in. You can see this when comparing the futures prices with the spot market rates.

As the futures contracts approach their delivery date their prices will converge with the spot rate so that the holders will pay or receive the differential just as if they had been in a spot position. Fixed income traders know that central bankers, like the Federal Reserve, are active in the markets, buying and selling securities to influence prices, and thereby interest rates.

This is not something which happens in stocks, but it does in the forex markets. This is known as intervention. It happens when a central bank or other national monetary authority buys or sells currency in the market with the objective of influencing exchange rates.

Intervention is most often seen at times when exchange rates get a bit out of hand, either falling or rising too rapidly. At those times, central banks may step in to try to nullify the trend. The US has traditionally taken a hands-off approach when it comes to the value of the Dollar, preferring to allow the markets to do their thing.

Others are not quite so willing to let speculators determine their currency's value. The Bank of Japan has the most active track record in that regard. PFGBest offers a complete Forex trading solution! Please click on one of the above panels that best suits your trading needs. You should be with PFGBest. PFGBest is well positioned to help clients excel at trading the expanding global markets for futures and foreign exchange.

PFGBest Forex clients have the benefits of a number of trading system solutions, and PFGBest has integrated its technology with up-to-the-minute breaking world and financial news to lend even more value through the complete trading platform. All of this is augmented by two, hour dealing desks in Chicago and New York City, staffed by professional dealers ready to assist traders at any time, along with an extremely knowledgeable and helpful back office team.

These are just part of the PFGBest value proposition. MetaTrader 4 Forex Brokers — a list of Forex brokerage firms that support MetaTrader 4 Forex trading software as their trading platform. Oil Trading Forex Brokers — those Forex brokers that allow trading commodities, and more specifically, oil , are listed in this category. Gold Trading Forex Brokers — if you wish to find a Forex broker that offers precious metals trading then this list will help you. Muslim Friendly Forex Brokers — a list of Forex brokers that try to be friendly to Muslim Forex traders offering "no-interest" margin accounts.

Forex Brokers with Web Based Platform — a list of Forex brokers that fully support Forex trading without installing any trading software. Moneybookers Forex Brokers — a list of Forex brokers that accept Moneybookers electronic payment system as for trading funds transfers. Forex Brokers with Advanced Trading Platform — a list of Forex brokers with unique and powerful Forex trading software. Institutional Forex Brokers — a list of on-line Forex brokers that are backed by strong and respected off-line financial companies.

A full list of retail Forex broker companies that offer on-line Forex trading services:. To meet the serious needs of experienced market traders, as well as those just starting out, Saxo Bank offers the SaxoTrader, the most intuitive and complete multi-product online trading platform in the market.

The multi-award winning SaxoTrader combines a secure trading environment with a massive and comprehensive choice of trading products. M etex Investments Inc. A computer at the other end is doing all of the analyzing and executing, therefore taking a traders worst enemy emotion out of the process. Robot is a new proprietary software tool designed to search for Forex trading opportunities.

This is the only software of its kind and is revolutionizing the Forex trading industry with its amazing results. Once the criteria is met, the trader is alerted on their PC to the trade opportunity. You simply only closing position, if you want to make more money, or let do it to the system. This robot never sleeps, never takes a vacation and never asks for a raise!

Our FX Trading Robot is unique over the world and is the leader in automated order execution systems for the Forex Market. S ystem is also depending on fundamental and technical analysis as the base of our market prediction. Our strategies are based on different indicators and oscillators. There are few basic ideas about when to buy and when to sell. That ideas are applied to main currency pairs and different bars time frame starting from few minutes up to one hour.

All together are giving us better results, reducing risks and increasing profit potential. Posted by evergreen at 4: It is a well known fact that 90 percent of investors lose money in futures and forex trading, percent break even and only percent make money. Given the high casualty rate, it is all the more important for investors to approach futures and forex trading in the correct manner.

Below are some of the rules that traders should consider following if he is to make money consistently in the futures and forex market: One of the major reasons for investing only with extra funds is that your trading judgment will remain objective. This can lead to overtrading — which is dangerous.

One can be right 7 times out of 10 but the three times that you are wrong can wipe you out if you had overgeared yourself because of overconfidence. Success comes from prudence in money management. Learn to resist the temptation of taking your profits too early. Success comes from holding on to profitable positions and riding with the trend for maximum gains while keeping losses small by getting out quickly when you are wrong.

One way to protect you from suffering catastrophic losses is to place stop loss orders for every trade entered. A period away from the market can be refreshing and will recharge you.

Instead, reduce your positions each time you add to a position. An upside down pyramid will be top heavy and could wipe out all your hard-earned profits should the market reverse.

Remember you are investing with "margin" and did not pick up scrips. The contract is not yours; you merely paid a percentage of the total value. Averaging a losing position is equivalent to not admitting your mistakes, that you were wrong in the first place. Successful traders cut their losses short. If you lost the first trade, you still have nine more opportunities to be right. Putting all your capital on one trade is suicidal. Once you start procrastinating, very often prices will go against your position, further triggering a margin call from your broker.

A margin call simply means that you are wrong in the market and your position should be closed out. Margin calls are made because people do not want to admit being wrong and take a loss; they hope the market will eventually go in their direction.

To avoid this mistake, you should never meet margin calls. Just cut your losses and "get the hell out". The few wise investors I know have bought a house, a car or simply put part of their winnings into a fixed deposit account, otherwise the chances are high that they may lose them all back.

Here are a few guidelines: Know when and at what price you are going to enter the market. Know how much money you are going to risk on each and every trade. Know when and at what price you are going to get out when you are wrong. Know when and at what price you are going to take your profits if you are right. Know how much money you are going to make if you are right. Have a safety stop in case the market does the unexpected. Have an approximate idea of when the market should meet your objectives or when it should begin to make a move; and if it has not done so, get out.

Posted by evergreen at Saturday, October 10, Forex Basics. The following is an introduction to some basic terms, definitions and concepts used in forex trading.

Introduction Foreign Exchange The simultaneous transaction of one currency for another. Foreign Exchange Market The Foreign exchange market is a large, growing and liquid financial market that operates 24 hours a day. Spot Market The market for buying and selling currencies at the current market rate. Rollover A spot transaction is generally due for settlement within two business days the value date. How to calculate rollover interest Rollovers in Forex Exchange Rate The value of one currency expressed in terms of another.

Currency Pair The two currencies that make up an exchange rate. Base Currency The first currency in the pair. Also the currency your account is denominated in. Counter Currency The second currency in the pair. Also known as the terms currency. Dealing Desk A dealing desk provides pricing, liquidity and execution of trades. Market Maker A market maker provides pricing and liquidity for a particular currency pair and stands ready to buy or sell that currency at the quoted price.

Spread The difference between the sell quote and the buy quote or the bid and offer price. Pip The smallest price increment a currency can make. Pip Value The value of a pip. Standard Account Trading with standard lot sizes, generally , units of the base currency. Mini Account Trading with mini lot sizes, generally 10, units of the base currency. Micro Account Trading with micro lot sizes, generally 1, units of the base currency.

Margin The deposit required to open or maintain a position. Leverage Leverage is the ability to gear your account into a position greater than your total account margin. Automatic Execution The order is executed automatically without dealer intervention or involvement. Slippage The difference between the order price and the executed price, measured in pips.

Drawdown The decline in account balance from peak to valley, until the account surpasses the previous high, usually measured in percentage terms. Support Support is a technical price level where buyers outweigh sellers, causing prices to bounce off a temporary price floor.

Resistance Resistance is a technical price level where sellers outweigh buyers, causing prices to bounce off a temporary price ceiling. Limit Order An order to buy or sell at a pre-specified price level. Stop-Loss Order An order to restrict losses at a pre-specified price level.

Limit Entry Order An order to buy below the market or sell above the market at a pre-specified level, believing that the price will reverse direction from that point. Stop-Entry Order An order to buy above the market or sell below the market at a pre-specified level, believing that the price will continue in the same direction. An order whereby if one is executed, the other is cancelled.

An order stays in the market until it is either filled or cancelled. Common Trade Types Long Position A position in which the trader attempts to profit from an increase in price. Short Position A position in which the trader attempts to profit from a decrease in price.

Common Trading Styles Technical Analysis A style of trading that involves analysing price charts for technical patterns of behaviour. Technical Analysis Books Fundamental Analysis A style of trading that involves analysing the macroeconomic factors of an economy underpinning the value of a currency and placing trades that support the trader's long or short-term outlook.

Trend Trading A style of trading that attempts to profit from riding short, medium or long term trends in price. Forex Trend Trading System Range Trading A style of trading that attempts to profit from buying and selling currencies between a lower level of support and an upper level of resistance.

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