Foreign exchange reserves of India

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product 2,, We accepted their offer. The policy also aimed at decreasing regional disparities through development of broad industrial base and by giving impetus to small scale industries and cottage industries as they had a huge potential to provide mass employment. Towards the end of s, India was facing a Balance of Payments BoP crisis, due to unsustainable borrowing and high expenditure. Related Questions Why was the Indian economy so poor before ?

rows · India's Foreign Exchange Reserves: USD mn data is updated monthly, available from Apr .

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India Wholesale Inflation at 4-Month High of 3. India Wholesale Inflation at 8-Month Low of 2. India Inflation Rate at 5-Month Low of 4. India Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged. India Wholesale Inflation at 7-Month Low of 2.

India Inflation Rate at 4-Month Low. Nigeria Annual Inflation Rate Rises to Russia Unexpectedly Hikes Rates to 7. Italy Inflation Rate Revised Down to 1. US Inflation Rate Slows to 2.

BoE Keeps Rates Steady. Irish Annual Inflation Rate Slows to 0. Irish Economy Returns to Growth in Q2. Jul - Jun Updated on Jan - Jun Updated on Oct - Nov Updated on Mar - Jun Updated on Aug - May Updated on Jan - May Updated on Nov - Jun Updated on Dec - Mar Updated on Sep - Jun Updated on Jun - Jun Updated on Jan - Jul Updated on Feb - Jun Updated on Oct - Jun Updated on Apr - May Updated on Apr - Jun Updated on Jul - May Updated on Dec - Apr Updated on Sep - Apr Updated on Dec - Jan Updated on Jun - Mar Updated on Dec - Dec Updated on Oct - Mar Updated on Jul - Dec Updated on Mar - May Updated on Jan - Mar Updated on May - Jul Updated on Food and Non Alcoholic Beverage Change.

Jun - Dec Updated on Credit to Private Non-Financial Sector. Mar - Dec Updated on Mar - Mar Updated on Exchange Rate against USD. Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product. Sep - Mar Updated on Consumer Price Index Growth. Exports of Goods Growth. Gross Fixed Capital Formation. Household Expenditure per Capita. Industrial Production Index Growth. Labour Force Participation Rate. Liner Shipping Connectivity Index. Long Term Interest Rate. May - May Updated on May - Jun Updated on Motor Vehicles Sales Growth.

Nominal Residential Property Price Index. Non Performing Loans Ratio. Number of Subscriber Fixed Line. Number of Subscriber Mobile. Real Effective Exchange Rate. Real Residential Property Price Index. Short Term Interest Rate. The other one is based on a 'Liquidity at Risk' rule that takes into account the foreseeable risks that a country could face. This approach requires that a country's foreign exchange liquidity position could be calculated under a range of possible outcomes for relevant financial variables, such as, exchange rates, commodity prices, credit spreads etc..

Reserve Bank of India has done exercises based on intuition and risk models in order to estimate 'Liquidity at Risk LAR ' of the reserves. The traditional trade-based indicator of reserve adequacy, viz, import cover of reserves, which fell to a low of 3 weeks of imports at end-December , rose to At end-March , the import cover of reserves was The ratio of short-term debt to foreign exchange reserves declined from Similarly, the ratio of volatile capital flows defined to include cumulative portfolio inflows and short-term debt to reserves declined from The foreign exchange reserves are invested in multi-currency, multi-market portfolios as per the existing norms, which are similar to international practices in this regard.

Deployment Pattern of Foreign Exchange Reserves. During the year July-June , the return on foreign currency assets and gold, after accounting for depreciation, decreased to 2. Skip to main content. Search the Website Search. Reports 32 kb Date: Investment Pattern and Earnings from Foreign Exchange Reserves Foreign Exchange Reserves The Reserve Bank of India RBI undertook a review of the main policy and operational matters relating to management of the reserves, including transparency and disclosure and decided to compile and make public half-yearly reports on management of foreign exchange reserves for bringing about more transparency and also for enhancing the level of disclosure in this regard.

Movement of Reserves 1. Current Account Balance Capital Account net a to e Sources of Accretion to Reserves in the Recent Period The increase in foreign exchange reserves in the recent period has been on account of capital and other inflows. Capital Account net a to f Adequacy of Reserves Adequacy of reserves has emerged as an important parameter in gauging its ability to absorb external shocks.

Investment Pattern and Earnings from Foreign Exchange Reserves The foreign exchange reserves are invested in multi-currency, multi-market portfolios as per the existing norms, which are similar to international practices in this regard.

Table 5 Table 5: Capital Account net a to e. Other items in capital account.

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it’s seen that India’s forex reserves have increased significantly since gold contributed to around 60% of the total forex reserves while foreign currency assets share was . Referencesedit. Rs. Rs. forex reserve of india in 28/09/ – 05/10/. forex reserve of india in Mrunal. Please ensure that you understand the risks forex reserve of india in . India’s foreign exchange reserves stood at Rs. 5, crore on 31 December , which declined to Rs. 2, crore by the end of December Between May and July , these reserves ranged between Rs. 2, crore to 3, crore.