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Returning you to where you were We'll ensure you're the very first to know the moment rates change. To know the revised timings of the branches, please click here. Gift Vouchers Amazon All It offers instant loading and activation, enabling you to start using the card immediately after purchase for your international flight and hotel bookings. Their staff is really helpful throughout the process and the rates applied are also lesser compared to other forex providers.

Online Account Management facility. ICICI Bank Travel Cards is providing digital interfaces that are simple to use where end users would be able to view, handle minor issues and information requests that would otherwise go to the service desk. Click on ‘My Accounts’ & select ‘Forex and Travel Cards’.

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Start your online banking journey with ICICI Bank Safe Online Banking. Avoid queues and bank online with convenience at the comfort of your home. Buy Forex Online, Foreign Exchange Rates. All Cards. Credit Card, Loan on Credit Card Pay bills and invoices from any bank account or any card. Loans & Cards Payment. ICICI Bank Scan To . Pay bills and invoices from any bank account or any card. Loans & Cards Payment. ICICI Bank Scan To Pay ICICI Bank Click To Pay Resident ICICI Bank Account holders can select the Money2World tab in the Fund Transfer section You can now place service request to avail forex services on ICICI Bank iMobile app. Click here to . How to buy Forex online. Login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking -> My Accounts -> Forex & Travel Cards -> Buy Travel Card or Currency Notes. How to reload your Travel Card .