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Hence the judgement, quality, probability and reliability of these forex risk management views are quite high. Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally. Share this on WhatsApp. In other words, if for example you bet on the dollar against the Euro will fall or rise of the level. How can we help you? First step to success in hedging: Could this indicate an eventual fall in the… https:

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Here's another very important MS Excel tip, one that I got from one of our clients. It has made my life so much simpler. What is the average rate at which the exports have taken place? You will be surprised at the number of people who reply saying However, as you know, the correct answer is actually The rate of Therefore, there is always a need to calculate the weighted average rate at which forex transactions have taken place.

Since the transaction amounts are different, calculating simple average is simply wrong. Thankfully, while a few people do erroneously make do with a simple average, most people calculate the Weighted Average Exchange Rate. Unfortunately, the way most people I was one of them do the calculation is quite cumbersome. Much simpler, isn't it? I hope this function will be as useful to you as it is to me! Likes to look at the markets from many different angles. Let us take the example of a Letter of Credit.

This is like having a car, a driver, a tank full of petrol and still going walking to work. You can then use the date in calculations to automatically arrive at the due date. Excel is meant to do that for you. Do addition and subtraction on Dates , as shown in the example above. This is useful for calculating various due dates, and for calculating things like Interest Period when given two dates. The ability to calculate automatically makes life easier when LC or BC are extended.

Sort data on Date. This is useful to sort things like LCs or Forward Contracts on their due dates and put them into monthly buckets. You can then use this date-sorted data to figure out the period for which your forex risk is most acute, so that you can take hedges accordingly. I prefer recording dates as to read as Sep This avoids confusion between and , which has started to come from people using different conventions and data files coming from different places.

All you have to do is go to the relevant cell and type in "10Sep12" and hit Enter. Then they are useless to you in Excel. They might as well be in Word, where you can't use them in calculations! In the next article I will talk about a more advanced Excel tip. Keep an eye out for that. In case you have been feeling the need for a dedicated forex exposure management software, you can write to us at info kshitij.

We can put you in touch with this Bangalore company that has developed exactly such a software for India. You may have to dip into your savings or sell [ Amit has been advising me on my portfolio. His investment suggestions have been sensible and fair. Become Crorepati Click here to access Become Crorepati. Goal Planner Click here to access Goal Planner. BONDS Bonds are a type of investment that results in an investor lending money to the bond issuer in exchange for [

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Personalised consulting, currency forecasts and advise for corporations, fund managers and individual investors. The Kshitij Hedging Method is a unique strategy aimed at minimizing forex loss. See our hedging strategy performance. Fibonacci Calculator; Search. Mon, Sep 03, @ GMT Authors Posts by Kshitij Consultancy Service. and especially the Foreign Exchange markets, are inherently risky and it is. Forex reports by are based on dedicated and in depth analysis of various economic and financial parameters. Hence the judgement, quality, probability and reliability of these forex risk management views are quite high.