How not to make Rs 38 lakh in options trading

In this post, I am suggesting a possible direction that should help any new option trader to get establish solid foundation for their trading. Important levels to watch for — For up-move — , , For down-move — , The next day, Trader A sells her contract to Trader C. Hence down trend continues. September 14, Indian Market Outlook:

Call Option | Put Option – Option Trading Basics Over the last few years, domestic stock markets have witnessed an increased interest in the Futures & Options (F&O) segment. There are lots of reasons for this increased interest in option trading in India.

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Here are some Options-related jargons you should know about. These are the different strike prices at which an options contract can be traded. These are determined by the exchange on which the assets are traded. There are typically at least 11 strike prices declared for every type of option in a given month - 5 prices above the spot price, 5prices below the spot price and one price equivalent to the spot price.

Following strike parameter is currently applicable for options contracts on all individual securities in NSE Derivative segment: The strike price interval would be: A future date on or before which the options contract can be executed. Options contracts have three different durations you can pick from:. American and European Options: Please note that in Indian market only European type of options are available for trading.

The standard lot size is different for each stock and is decided by the exchange on which the stock is traded. Open Interest refers to the total number of outstanding positions on a particular options contract across all participants in the market at any given point of time.

Open Interest becomes nil past the expiration date for a particular contract. Let us understand with an example: If trader A buys Nifty options from trader B where, both traders A and B are entering the market for the first time, the open interest would be futures or two contract. The next day, Trader A sells her contract to Trader C.

Now, if trader A buys more Nifty Futures from another trader D, the open interest in the Nifty Futures contract would become futures or 4contracts. Call options usually become more valuable as the value of the underlying asset increases. The Put Option gives the holder the right to sell a particular asset at the strike price anytime on or before the expiration date in return for a premium paid up front.

Since you can sell a stock at any given point of time, if the spot price of a stock falls during the contract period, the holder is protected from this fall in price by the strike price that is pre-set. This explains why put options become more valuable when the price of the underlying stock falls.

Similarly, if the price of the stock rises during the contract period, the seller only loses the premium amount and does not suffer a loss of the entire price of the asset.

This means, under this contract, Rajesh has the rights to buy one lot of Infosys shares at Rs per share any time between now and the month of May. He paid a premium of Rs per share. He thus pays a total amount of Rs 25, to enjoy this right to sell. Now, suppose the share price of Infosys rises over Rs 3, to Rs , Rajesh can consider exercising the option and buying at Rs 3, per share.

He would be saving Rs per share; this can be considered a tentative profit. However, he still makes a notional net loss of Rs 50 per share once you take the premium amount into consideration. Do you recording also so that one attending online can revise?

Dear Subhashji, No we don't record. For online class, it is live not recording base. Dear Santhosh, Any plans for classes in Chennai.

Dear Ravi, We may plan by end of May. If I get three confirmation, can make it earlier. What's the venue in bangalore. Any cancelation policy incas people could not in last moment. Hi, I am unable to load any company. Getting an error "Requested symbol was not found as symbol or company-name.

Can you please look into it. The data is pulling only for nifty and banknifty. For Other companies I am not able to pull data. I can confirm it is smoothly working for all. Hello Parimal, We finished one workshop in Ahmedabad few week earlier.

Next workshop in Ahmedabad is not yet planned. Alternatively, you can opt for online more or in Mumbai. This is very nice information. Thank you so much Traders in india.

When is d next workshop in mumbai. My number is Can you please name all the individual strategies covered in this course. Options Strategy Trading training program is open for individuals who are serious about Options strategy trading using correct methodologies and tools. Those who wish to make consistence money using Option strategy trading.

We strongly recommend to register earlier at least a week before workshop for following reasons: This avoids last moment installation and activation of tools. You get enough time to practice tools and get used to it. You get enough time to study module 1 Options Basics PDF that will help to build foundation for workshop. There are some exercises at the end of this PDF. This is the option to sell a security at a specified price within a specified time frame.

Investors often buy put options as a form of protection in case a stock price drops suddenly or the market drops altogether. Put options give you the ability to sell your shares and protect your investment portfolio from sudden market swings. And if you feel confident that Clorox stock will recover, you could hold onto your stock and simply resell your put option, which will surely have gone up in price given the dive that Clorox stock has taken.

Thus, one way to look at it in this example is that the options are an insurance policy which you may or may not end up using. As a quick side note, you can buy put options even without owning the underlying stock in the same manner as call options. There is no requirement of owning the stock. The exact same risks apply as detailed in the Call Options section above. Options are a great way to open the door to bigger investment opportunities without risking large amounts of money up front.

But remember that trading options is for sophisticated investors only. This warning arises out of the fact that options trading comes with plenty of risk which have been detailed above. These transactions are about proper timing, and they require intense vigilance.

Sophisticated investors have enough experience to be familiar with options strategies and have the comfort level necessary to use them. Also, options are just a part of an investing strategy and should not represent an entire portfolio. Before you start learning options, start with derivative market basics since when you will be trading in options, you need the help of futures as well to make option strategies.

After you have developed a little knowledge of derivative market, you can start reading a book. However, the best way to learn Options is by taking an online course.

You can do NSE Academy Certified Option Strategies to build your understanding on option and various strategies right from the scratch. When you have formed a base on options strategies, you can gain expertise by practising and building strategies in elearnoptions. First of all to trade in capital markets, you need a Demat and trading account. Call Options and put options are financial contracts involving a buyer and a seller.

Call Option- An agreement that gives you right not obligation to buy a financial instrument stock, bond, commodity at a specific price within specific time period.

Put Option - An agreement that gives you right not obligation to sell a financial instrument stock, bond, commodity at a specific price within specific time period. Buying call or put options give you limited risk and unlimited profitability.

How to trade in options: Say if you are bullish on Infosys for short term, instead of buying the stock you may simply buy a call option which will give you a right to buy the stock at a specific price. For example the current market price of Infosys is Rs.

If the stock moves up the value of option will also move up, thus you may sell at a profit. Similarly if you're bearish on a stock you can buy a put option for the stock which will give you the right to sell the underlying stock at a specific price within specific time period. There are various brokerage firms which give trading advice and not to forget experts that come on the news channels everyday.

A person hears news about a stock, he tells it to the next person without doing any research on the correctness of the news and the cycle continues. One should always do their own research before investing in stocks.

Factors that can be considered while investing in stocks are:. Best way to avoid losses is to have targets. Once the stock has met the desired expectations , don't be greedy and book profits.

Make sure your expectations are real and achievable in a given span of time. People use this instrument both, to hedge and to speculate. To explain how options work fully is beyond the scope of my answer. I can provide you links and material to help you learn from them in great detail. Then you can choose number of legs you prefer in your options strategy trade. You can manage your risk efficiently through this filter.

You can choose multiple options too. By this function of choosing maximum profit, you're defining what sort of risk you're comfortable with in the trade. You have the facility to choose this as well.

Choose one as by clicking both you'll nullify the effct of the choices.

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This is just to give base in option trading, so that u can plan an option trader properly. Remember, that doesn’t make you a trader still. Trading involves Money mgmt, psychology, risk mgmt, system testing etc which is beyond the scope of this post. Please note that in Indian market only European type of options are available for trading. LOT SIZE: Lot size refers to a fixed number of units of the underlying asset that form part of a single F&O contract. Avoid Market orders while trading stock options in India. Due to the illiquid nature of contracts, placing market orders in stock options can be detrimental. It is advisable to trade in stock options only using the Limit order type. You can check live stock option prices on the SAMCO Trading platforms.