Mexico’s Options in a Trump Trade War

Home Solutions Products Software Agtech. Optimize inventory management along the supply chain Challenge. At Interactive Brokers, futures trading margins are based on risk-based algorithms. The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12, year-old food legacy. This Openlink solution addresses all business requirements, including commodity management, risk management, financial accounting, manufacturing, distribution, multi-language, multi-currency, government compliance and user security.

Agricultural trade options are tools for managing agricultural price risk exposure. They are referred to as “trade options” because, unlike exchange-traded options, which are bought and sold on a designated contract market, agricultural trade options are bought and sold off-exchange directly between commercial market participants for business-related .

Manage trading, risk and accounting for commodities

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An agricultural trade option is an agreement giving the producer the right to deliver his or her commodity in the future for a set price (the option's strike price). However, the producer is not obligated to deliver and may simply choose to . Agricultural Options View All Ags Options CME Group's diverse selection of Agricultural Options offers market participants the flexibility they need for effective risk management, as well as the ability to execute volatility strategies or event-driven trades. CME Group boasts the widest range of agricultural (ags) commodity futures and options available on any U.S. exchange. Our agricultural contracts include grains and oilseeds like corn, soybeans, and soybean oil as well as other products including livestock, dairy, lumber, coffee, and more.