Top 5 Singapore Forex Brokers

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MAS-regulated brokers for leveraged forex trading in Singapore (Why is Singapore a good place to trade forex? The number of Capital Markets Services (CMS) licensees for Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading or regulated brokers in .

Thanks to their MT4 platform and fast executions they offer everything you need to trade professionally. Click here to sign up with them right away! A full list of regulated forex brokers who are licensed to provide forex trading accounts in Singapore is as follows:.

Trading conditions are not as restricted as is the case in the United States. This has its good and bad components. Good in the sense that this allows traders to open forex trading accounts in Singapore with just the money that they can afford, and no trader is locked out because of steep margin requirements.

However, this also has its advantages as traders have a tendency to use very high leverages, which could expose the trading accounts to amplified losses and possible margin calls. It is presently not possible to use automated trading on forex accounts in Singapore.

Analysis and education Market insights Online courses. Tier 1 liquidity We derive our prices from a broad range of tier 1 institutions — including banks, ECNs and market-making firms with unique liquidity — to provide you with the best price possible. Price improvements Our fully customised orders offer you greater control over your trading, and with no asymmetric slippage you could benefit from significant price improvements on every trade.

Fewer premature stop-outs To protect you from being stopped out early, we trigger stop orders on the opposite side of the spread, based on a neutral price from a primary inter-bank venue. Client-centric approach We fully disclose our dealing practices and never trade against you in the market.

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A FinTech pioneer with a vision See why Saxo is trusted around the world. Forex FX spot pairs and forwards. Stocks 19, stocks on 36 global exchanges. Bonds 5, bonds from 26 countries and in 21 different currencies.

What are the trading conditions? What are the financing terms? Do you offer forex educational material? Where can I find trading inspiration?

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Open account Try the Demo. Best Retail Forex Platform. The leverage ratio is a directly function of margin requirement. The leverage ratio of 1: Leverage ratios or margin requirements differ for different currency pairs determined by us from time to time. Get a free demo account now to view our leverage ratio and experience our trading platform.

You will need to make an additional deposit to resolve the margin call. Alternatively, you can close out some or all of your open positions to reduce your margin used. When your account is in margin call status, you are unable to open new positions but you can close out existing open positions. Assuming the price falls to 1. Please be informed that the sell-out of all open positions is triggered by the system as market orders. You may lose more than your capital in some adverse market conditions.

Swaps, often known as overnight interest or rollover interest, are interest payable or receivable for holding open positions overnight. You may pay or receive interest depending on the direction buy or sell and currency pair you rolled over to the next trading day at New York close. The interest amount is dependent of the notional amount you rolled over and the swap points quoted in pips. Get a free demo account now to view our swap charges by holding some open positions overnight.

The minimum allowable notional amount is 0. There is no maximum lot size limit but the fill is subject to liquidity availability. Price slippages are expected for large notional amount. The FX market opens for 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. However, our trading platform has a blackout period of 5 minutes after market opens and 5 minutes after market closes.

The blackout period was introduced to isolate off-market prices as liquidity is thin during that period. Your profit and loss in various currencies will be converted to your account home currency using our end of day mid-rate. Currenex is a market-leading technology provider offering the FX community high-performance technology.

We partner with Currenex to provide you with stable access performance levels during volatile market conditions. With many significant market liquidity sources connected to the venue, we are able to provide you a premium source for FX liquidity. The trading application comes installed with many advanced charting tools to suit your different trading styles.

You can even configure to view single or multiple charts. All charts setting can be saved as templates for later use by loading the desired template you have saved in the library.

Updated FX top stories and currency alerts streaming through the trading application to equip you with the information you need to make prompt decisions and manage your currency exposures. The trading application comes with mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones for seamless trading between devices when you are on the go.

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Top 5 Singapore Forex Brokers Southeast Asia has become a popular region for Forex trading as people are looking to supplement their income and to take advantage of the top Forex brokers operating throughout the region. Forex Trading Accounts Singapore Singapore is classified as one of the Asian Tigers; it is a country which attracts a lot of businessmen and tourists every year. This is buttressed by the fact that Facebook co-owner Eduardo Saverin has just renounced his US citizenship and taken residence in Singapore. Asia: Singapore Below is a list of online forex brokers which are incorporated or registered in Singapore. Click on the links in the left column menu for forex brokers in .