GVF ---> Trade Orbitz (SCAM?)

Now many suppliers on the metatrade platform which allows you to collect real cash, and just topup credit "digit" on the mt4 platform for your client. It was really hard to get it right, once you got it right, it's will be your lifetime business. Im a forex trader too, we never do that way, we never ask ppl to join. Jun 26 , Most brokers practice 'introducing bonus' and 'pip bonus" for a long time already. Please beware and don't be greed. They now open few more same similar forex website to cheat noob people.

The Top 10 Forex Brokers for Beginners. Sharon Anne Waldrop. If you know the basics of foreign currency exchange or forex trading, also known A forex broker since

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GVF is just a broker which operate similar like any other online broker. Yes, there are IB who take ur money and never open account for you. Just like insurance agent who collect your premium and never pay to company. You can call any thing a scam, Amway scam, herbalife scam, insurance scam. Just so you know, the structure is never a scam, but the people are. Lets dont forget a fact that you are working under a pyramid structure taking fix pay every month too. So broker are not allow to set up office in Malaysia.

You can trade forex via Bank with capital from RMk, money lock for a year. Forex is legal in Singapore btw. Most brokers practice 'introducing bonus' and 'pip bonus" for a long time already. GVF do it in a larger scale. I heard of InstaForex doing similar thing, If im not mistaken. I have my own trading group too. I never encounter any services breakdown or withdrawal problem so far.

Dont fool by sweets words from some irresponsible marketer on how many hundred percent you can get back a month. I found many people with zero knowledge gave money to stranger to open account and believe in their money will grow naturally via forex. Your IB, Introducer, Agent whatever you call us, never open an account for you with ur money and cheat you with whatever reason.

There are open trade in your account. You have to close all trade before you withdraw money. You lost all your money in trading. Your account is Zero 0. You wrote wrong info in withdrawal instruction form. Buying or selling of foreign currency by a resident who is not an authorised dealer, with a person outside Malaysia, or by a resident who has not obtained the permission of the Controller of Foreign Exchange under the ECA.

May be you can search for a helping hand from the links below http: Is it those ppl always posting out on fb that how much usd they earned from forex GVF is unregulated license broker. If got then prove it GVF website design suck,no online support and no need email and password also can access to website.

Google type " geng" 4. Depend your luck for withdraw money. They now open few more same similar forex website to cheat noob people. Go to cari forum or forexpeaceamry see how many people get cheat. Now Xnalytics no more partner with GVF give the x-call tips. GVF is a scam, http: Jul 31 , The way they do is like a pyramid mlm keep asking ppl to join and get commission from downline Im a forex trader too, we never do that way, we never ask ppl to join. My mentors teach me how to trade not earn fast money This post has been edited by yiheng Aug 1 , Jul 3 , Aug 10 , I just want to say this again If the business model is so damn good and can make tons of money, they won't tell you coz they will do it for themselves with their family members Aug 13 , Aug 14 , I am the one looking around my frenz one by one joining GVF!

Aug 15 , Aug 16 , Oct 8 , Oct 11 , Oct 18 , Most of them staying at ambang and botanic area. I know some of them stay where at which house. If you guys want to hunt them, let me know. Chris , and some of them. Oct 23 , Check through the broker license and regulation.

It's only secure to trade if the broker is well-regulated. Added on October 8, , 1: Whenever the broker is being blacklisted, they will alert the broker and sell package to the broker to make their ranking higher, so no point checking from forexpeacearmy.

Check the license and regulation of the broker. Nov 23 , This is bad and if you guys ever did some investigation before investing you would realize that trade orbitz or GVF IB posting pictures of "holy grail" indicators you would already know that something is fishy. I once emailed one of their IB to find out what they are offering.

They mentioned as long as I invest RM 30k or more they will have super premium indicator that will tell exactly when the price is going up or down. Based on that sentence alone I already knew this whole thing is a big big big BS. Their so call premium indicator will show a sell sign or buy sign depending on where the market moves to attract beginners that knows nothing about trading and forex.

If you still have money in that trading platform, withdraw it right away while you still can. This post has been edited by NymX: Dec 3 , Is it safe now with trade orbitz? May 7, Messages: Tradeorbitz is a scam company too, they claim that they are governed under the law of Mauritius, which is not true. And all the Gvf ib is a con man, they are together to cheat people money. May 2, Messages: Apr 24, Messages: May 17, Messages: Hi guys, I had joined this GVF for about a week and only found out that this company is vy fishy.

Oct 3, Messages: How was the money transferred to the IB? If by some sort of bank transfer or credit card, contact your bank's fraud department. May 12, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here.

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