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You don't actually need software to backtest strategy unless of course you are soft in the head and have sh1t for brains. Traders can take larger positions and reduce commission costs by increasing their average gains and increasing their wins-to-losses ratio. What backtesting software should I get? Web based backtesting tool: Dedicated software platform integrated with Tradestation's data for backtesting and auto-trading: At that point, you have a serious data mining bias problem.

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To use it as a tool to find ideas that make money is the dumbest thing imaginable. The moment you add in any form of optimisation you are on seriously dodgy ground. The other issue of course is that these tools are commercial software products, written to satisfy the demands of users and the users by and large dont really know what they want , in the worst cases, they are tools provided by people who are taking the other sides of your trades!

Apart from that, there are issues with most of the commercial products, bad data, holes in data, indicators not calculating correctly, bizarre quirks in the way the backtester works etc. However, the main point I was making is that its extremely unlikely that a product thats extremely simple to use, and requiring no specialist knowledge is going to return anything meaningful.

The following members like this post: Jan 23, , 1: Backtesting is just a starting point, you should forward test anyway. Good and bad data will make all the difference between a backtest lining up with walk forward results. Biggest pitfall is curve fitting, more than 4 parameters and you WILL curve fit.

I'd suggest Ninja trader for the following reasons: NinjaTrader stock, futures and forex charting software and online trading platform. Make sure your OS is fully updated. You will also need dot net 3. Welcome The above data sources are not cheap.

Best free intra day data is probably Dukascopy. Last edited by Liquid validity; Jan 23, at 1: Originally Posted by Hotch. Can someone explain this line of thought? I've always been under the impression that it stemmed from the over optimised crap like fap turbo as in rules like "buy on july at 3: How does it relate to personal testing though? As long as you're not retarded I don't see the problem. If I forward test a system, and then backtest it, I'm going to get the exact same results.

Can't be this BS that the past doesn't repeat itself as dutch was preaching that on his gift thread. What's the beef with backtesting?

I understand why you would want to do this if you were a mechanical trader but to date I have seen no evidence that mechanical trading works. Not saying it doesnt just havn't seen any evidence. Jan 23, , 2: Oh, discretionary trading, no point backtesting that, but think the OP was reffering to a strategy. Jan 23, , 3: That isn't entirely correct. Even if someone is a discretionary trader they still follow a sound methodology.

This must be tested, practised and refined and can be done with historical data under the condition that you trade it as if it were live. This gives you many more hours under 'live' market conditions than live or demo trading alone.

Jan 24, , 6: Develop and optimize your system and signals by modeling against years of available historical data. Our trade system package allows customers to analyze past trading activity and build strategies based on that activity. Take advantage of our features to fine-tune entry and exit points and test user-defined parameter values.

Benefit from our numerous backtesting resources by examining trading activity based on the creation of long or short trades, a variety of entry and exit signals, and the commissions the trader must pay. With Signal Evaluator, you can analyze effectiveness over a particular time period using your own specific buy and sell signals.

Your analysis can be applied to both portfolios and individual commodities. Optimize your workflow by using the Trade System Optimizer, a valuable trading tool that tests the results of trading systems running different settings and the combination of parameters included in trade signals. Now that you have your trading system, have CQG automatically trade it. CQG AutoTrader is a proprietary trading execution engine that allows customers to simultaneously execute numerous systems at once with equal precision and discipline.

In turn, it provides traders with greater capacity and accuracy in systems trading versus manual execution. The product supports various order types and allows customers to configure execution parameters related to price, size, and timing of orders.

How to Backtest a Trading Strategy Using Data and Tools

Forex backtesting software is a program that uses historical data to recreate the behaviour of trades and their reaction to a trading strategy. The resulting data is used to measure and optimise the effectiveness of a given strategy before applying it to real market conditions. 43 rows · Dedicated software platform for backtesting and auto-trading: portfolio level system backtesting and trading, multi-asset, intraday level testing, optimization, visualization etc. - allows R integration, auto-trading in Perl scripting language with all underlying functions written in native C, prepared for server co-location. Backtesting is an important aspect of developing a trading system. If done properly, it can help traders optimize and improve their strategies.