10 things you should do if you get laid off

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In fact, this is probably included in the stock option agreement you received when you were granted the options. Sometimes, however, companies have a severance policy that provides special benefits (e.g., accelerated option vesting) for situations like layoffs. Be sure to .

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While most stock option plans contain an awful lot of legal “mumbo-jumbo” language, I think you can probably review your employer’s Stock Option Plan by yourself looking for what happens upon a termination without cause, without having to pay an attorney to do so for you. 3. Jul 03,  · If I get laid off what happens to my stock? Preferred Stock and also Stock Options. Partially Vested. There will usually be provisions that say specifically what happens to your stock and options, on termination of employment. Among other things, they might include an option by the company to buy back stock, or a right of first Status: Resolved. It’s going to depend on the agreement you signed for your stock options. Generally if you are laid off you can buy your vested shares within a given time period. Once you’ve bought your shares you are entitled to a share of the cash in theory. This can be complicated as a lot of company’s have.